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The depth of traditions to understand the complexity of the world e
to go beyond the experience, to overcome every rational border. To communicate with the
nature we must activate all our senses, through a deep immersion
to be able to explore all the possible connections that our body
it is capable of capturing and fixing inside. An idea of nature's paradise in which
to live forever.

Madonna dell'Idris Matera Ada tour.jpg

Water and stone

A journey to discover the cities and places that tell the incredible story of man and his relationship with nature, of how he has been able to live with it in a harmonious way over the millennia despite a karst territory, therefore poor in water in surface, but rich in the subsoil. We will discover the most fascinating sites of the Rock Habitat that tell, among other stories, that of the Genius Loci in the technique of capturing water: the Sassi di
Matera, the Canyons of the Gravine and then the Bauxite Caves and the Karst Caves among the most spectacular in Europe. We will do it with expert guides in Rock Habitat and with the accompaniment
of a professional in the sector (Geologist, Biologist or Environmental Expert). Obviously, there will be encounters with the Taste and Flavors of these lands.

Campagna pugliese ada tour.jpg

Peasant World

MMondo Contadino is a proposal designed for those who love contact with
nature, earth, animals and especially for those who are passionate about food and wine and typical products. We will travel within the Alta Murgia, the largest rural area in Italy, we will discover its natural and anthropic beauties. Here man has left great traces of his passage, from architecture
more noble as Castel del Monte to the simpler ones: dry stone walls, jazzi, snow-nets and especially Masserie, the production units of the past. A journey to discover these Masserie and many other production centers, to discover the virtuous supply chains of this area and its excellent products: bread, cheeses, wines, pasta and much more.
Between Slow Food Presidia and PDO products, we will discover a world of senses and taste that has no equal. Among the individual experiences in which you can try your hand, we recommend the Grandmothers Chef, the story on the history of bread in an ancient oven, the collection of vegetables,
Grapes and Olives, the path from milking to cheese and the path from ear to pasta.

Puglia artiianato Ada Tour

In praise of

We need farmers, poets, people who know how to make bread, who
loves trees and recognizes the wind ”, wrote Franco Arminio, cantor
of our land, of an internal South, archaic and forgotten but more alive than ever. This route develops between Basilicata and Alta
Murgia, nearby and very similar places. Spend the days without times marked by races or stages, slowness will be the common denominator. You will live with the local community, you will visit small timeless villages and authentic production farms to discover the true hidden treasures of this land, the delicacies of the table.

Vino Rosato Puglia Ada tour.jpg


A tour for "only wine lovers".
The Tour includes excursions in the Alta Murgia National Park, Valle d'Itria and in the splendid cities and
surrounding places, such as Gravina in Puglia, Castel del Monte and Matera, Locorotondo, Gioia del Colle and Crispiano, with visits and tastings in the Cellar. Every morning we will leave for a visit to a winery of excellence in the area, at
in order to start or perfect the learning process on the fascinating world of wine. You will have the opportunity to know the harvesting and winemaking techniques,
to do tastings among the rows
from the vineyards or in the cellar, to collect grapes from the vineyards. After a lunch in the cellars or in nearby farmhouses, in the afternoon
space to visit the villages more
interesting in the area.

Masserie Puglia Ada tour.jpg

100 Masserie

A proposal to discover the territory of the Cento Masserie di Crispiano, between the Itria Valley and ancient Taranto. A different, rural and very authentic Puglia, in which traditions and tales have been preserved and handed down for centuries. Discovering the Masserie to know the secrets of production
of organic wine, extra virgin olive oil, cheeses and dairy products.
Have you ever tasted an organic wine in a Vineyard-Garden? Have you ever tasted Donkey Milk? Have you ever embraced a secular olive tree, pagan totems of this sacred land? A stone's throw away, the baroque Martina Franca, the gateway to the Valle d'Itria, and the ancient one
Taranto, with the Salento sea.

live evo olio ada tour ulivi.jpg


Olea prima omnium arborum est ”, among all the trees the first place
it belongs to the olive tree, wrote Junius Moderate Columella. The proposal yes
develops within the territory of the 100 Masserie, in Crispiano, in
a Masseria with 50 hectares of ancient olive trees. The goal is to build one
direct connection with the territory in harmony with the wholesomeness of typical food and wine. Discover the Itria Valley and the heart of Magna Grecia through a path dedicated to oil and knowledge of the agricultural world, becoming a Citizen Scientist.
You will collect with your own hands the necessary for the tasting laboratory and you will actively participate in the selection and preparation, so as not to be mere spectators but protagonists of this LIVE, which will also develop, in the other Masserie, between wine and cheeses. Furthermore, visits to the splendid and baroque Martina Franca, city of the Itria Valley and the well-known Capocollo, Slow Food presidium, and to Taranto, the legendary Spartan "Taras", the first Magno-Greek colony in southern Italy, whose historic center is a treasure chest archeology and art treasures.

la settimana santa Taranto Ada tour Pugl


In Puglia the rites connected with religious holidays are extremely felt, especially those related to the HOLY WEEK (in the photo, a ritual celebrated in Castellaneta). The climax on Good Friday, with the procession of the Mysteries, and on the Friday before Palm Sunday, with the procession of the Addolorata.
"The real land of Puglia is the archaic one,
not backward but immemorial "(Cesare Brandi)