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Sospendere la routine per vivere una vita diversa in un passaggio fluido dal
lavoro al relax in cui sperimentare, in cui il viaggio diventa strumento di trasformazione, questo è alla base della crescita personale. Vivere un viaggio unico nel suo genere per tornare a casa profondamente cambiati. Viaggiare significa sempre imparare.

Artigianato Puglia Ada Tour.jpg

Learn the art

A journey that will completely project you into the world of art. Afternoons of pleasure, discovering galleries, shops and ancient stories about art and ceramics, around the enchanting villages of Puglia and Basilicata, mornings will take place with "en plein air" workshops of Painting or Ceramics, with Professionals of the sector. The laboratory will allow us to learn how to prepare
a canvas and how it is painted on it, with related techniques and materials. Or how it is created
from clay a wonderful ceramic artefact that you can take home at the end of the trip.

Puglia Digital Makers Ada tour.jpg

Digital Makers

Innovation never came through bureaucracy and hierarchy. It always came through individuals, ”said John Sculley (CEO Pepsi Cola and Apple). For you who feel like "Digital Citizens" or simply love everything related to economic and social innovation, do not miss the opportunity to live for a few days in the heart of the "Murgia
Valley ”, in Gravina in Puglia. Right here (and in other parts of Puglia) a number of companies are changing the paradigm of the South. A new story can be told by visionary entrepreneurs and citizens. Enjoy the beauty of the land of Puglia and Matera at the same time
you will have the opportunity to attend a Lab on innovation processes
corporate and social; you will be a guest at the headquarters of "MacNil - Murgia Valley - Digital Nursery"
and you will visit other companies from different sectors but with a strong DNA of innovation in common.
At the end, a certificate of participation will be issued. Possibility of partnership
with universities and schools.

Puglia Polignano a mare Ada tour.jpg


If you are a traveler and love photography, this tour is done
for you. An original journey that will take you to visit wonderful places of Puglia and Basilicata: abandoned ancient villages, endless rural horizons, woods and hills, Masserie
and historical buildings. Places united by the characteristic of being
very photogenic, enough to attract Henri Cartier Bresson several times.
It will be natural, with the company of an expert Tourist Guide
in Photography, travel in search of perfect shots that immortalize
your experience, in an unforgettable Photo Tour. There will be
obviously, encounters with the Taste and Flavors of these lands.

Viaggi Cinema Puglia Basilicata Ada Tour


Cinema is now one
inexhaustible source of evocations e
inspirations for travel. This Tour
will take you to discover locations
chosen to make great films (Pasolini's "The Gospel according to Matthew", Mel Gibson's "The Passion", the latest "007 - No
time to die", the remake of "Ben Hur", "The Last Planet" by Terrence Malick, etc.) and, at the same time, we will have the opportunity to attend an Academy on cinema,
learning how to make a short film.
In fact, this trip will allow
to attend an Outdoor Lab every morning to learn videomaking techniques,
while in the afternoon we will leave,
from time to time, to discover the
neighboring cities that have been great film sets and iconic places for cinema, as well as places of admirable beauty, starting right from Matera.

Castel del Monte Puglia ada tour.jpg


“It is evident that the God of the Hebrews did not know
the Apulia and the Capitanata, otherwise it would not have given to the his people Palestine as the Promised Land ”.
So wrote Emperor Frederick II of Swabia that much
he loved Puglia. Extraordinarily cultured character,
he spoke six languages and was a literary protector of artists and scholars.
His highest legacy is CASTEL DEL MONTE,
today Unesco Heritage.